Does this mean I can stop filing tax returns and stop paying federal income taxes?

Once  one learns the truth and realizes that the federal government has been stealing the cream of the fruits of our labor, those earnings that make  the difference between making a living and living well, a sense of  outrage and burning desire to stop the theft is not only warranted but virtually unavoidable.  HOWEVER, that does not mean that you should take  the beast on alone.  Ceasing to file returns and pay income taxes is  doing just that.
No  one in his right mind would recommend that you tell an armed robber to  go ahead and shoot because he has no right to take your money.  Well, just because the IRS has no more right to take your money than an armed  robber does, that does not mean it is unarmed.  The beast has teeth and talons and will not hesitate to rip your life apart for a few shekels (or even for the sheer joy of hurting another).  If you do not pay tribute to its might it will not only take your money it will take it  all the way up to the elbow.

Truth  Attack was formed for a number of reasons, but one of the primary  reasons was to give those aware of the theft a way to fight the beast  and stop the grand theft by deception together, not alone, and in a way  that the IRS cannot strike back.  TA does not and cannot recommend any  tax filing method or scheme to defeat the theft because there is no  silver bullet, no sure-fire way of beating the beast single-handed.   Instead, TA suggests that you avoid the teeth and talons end of the IRS  and attack it where it is vulnerable and cannot defend itself, much less  strike back.

Fight  the lies and myths the IRS has promoted and sold the public by  spreading the truth.  TA has a number of ways you can do that in the  Truth Trooper Kombat Kit and the newsletter and events pages of this web  site will offer you ample opportunities to learn and do more to stop  the grand deception than you could ever accomplish by climbing into the  beast's cave alone.
Once the people are onto the IRS's lies and myths  it will lose all its power and the theft of our labor will cease.


This material is not intended to be considered as legal advice, which can only be rendered with a complete knowledge of the facts of each unique case, nor is it intended to advise, recommend or encourage anyone to fail or refuse to file income tax returns or pay income taxes claimed by the Internal Revenue Service.