Meet Tom Cryer

tom-cryerTom Cryer a lawyer for over 35 years, found himself  in the spotlight in 2006 when the federal government charged him with failing to file income tax returns. In spite of the government’s (and  the judge’s) efforts to keep the actual law out of the courtroom, Tom  was able to show the jury that his study of the law had led him to  conclude that his right to earn a living was not taxable by the U.S.  government. Acquitted in July of 2007, Tom founded Truth Attack, a  coalition of associations dedicated to exposing the truth about the  misapplication of the federal tax laws on the earnings of Americans, and  to restoring our Constitutional Republic.

Since early 2007, Tom has hosted his own radio show, “THE LIE FREE  ZONE,” on the Republic Broadcasting Network (primarily internet and  shortwave radio). As an outstanding legal strategist and a  pull-no-punches supporter of the Constitution and the rule of law, Tom  uses his keen analytical mind and down-to-earth wit to expose the  Department of Justice’ and the U.S. courts’ unlawful words and actions,  and to re-educate the American people to their birthright of liberty.

Early on the morning of June 4, 2012, our Constitutional Republic lost one of its most formidable Patriot warriors against tyranny and sedition. Tommy Cryer, age 62, of Shreveport, Louisiana, was an honest, principled, and valiant attorney — a true American hero. He saw his duty, and did not shirk from it; he met it head on, and through his knowledge and fortitude was able to prevail against the forces of evil.


This material is not intended to be considered as legal advice, which can only be rendered with a complete knowledge of the facts of each unique case, nor is it intended to advise, recommend or encourage anyone to fail or refuse to file income tax returns or pay income taxes claimed by the Internal Revenue Service.