Radio Talk Shows

Calling in the Question - The Double-Dog Dare

You have local talk shows in your town, so be a caller who asks about Truth Attack, giving the web site-then dare them to have Tom Cryer or Joe Banister or Devvy Kidd on as a guest, we'll give you everything you need to arrange the interview.

Talk radio is an open forum that takes only a few minutes and costs nothing to use, but we don't take advantage of it. A PR bird nest on the ground. Pick up the phone-call in.

Prepare for your call first, then call:

If you feel comfortable explaining the issues, fine, do so, but if not then play dumb. Ask the host if he knows anything about a group called Truth Attack and the Tax Honesty Movement. Tell him you've been reading information at (be sure you give the correct web site url) saying the IRS is lying to us about who owes income taxes.

How to respond to hosts response:

If he responds in the typical knee-jerk way, scoffing or ridiculing, ask him if he's ever read the Internal Revenue Code and if he says "No" say the people at Truth Attack dot Org (say the web site url again) have, so how can he be so sure about what he thinks the law probably says?

If he responds with government has to have taxes to operate, flip your flyer over and give him the list of how wonderful it would be for both us and the government without the income tax. Ask him why the government would insist on an income tax when it would receive more revenues without it?

If he responds with any interest, asking you questions, that is your cue to recommend that he get Tom Cryer, Joe Banister or Devvy Kidd on his show to explain it better than you can. All three are more than happy to grant interviews and will be able to answer any and all questions or rebuttals he can come up with.

Have some fun, get to talk on the radio and wake up a few thousand Americans, all at the same time!

If you have a group (more below on forming a group) make up a "tag team".

Plan your call ahead with your group. Agree on which day and which show you are going to call and make sure everyone has their talking points in writing. Decide on who is going to start the fire and then everyone else can pile on as a gasoline bucket brigade, calling in and verifying what the same caller said, backing him up.

The show's call screener may, after a couple of calls, try to screen any follow-up calls, so if that happens call the others in the team and let them know you're being cut off. Follow-ups can then say they're calling about something else, like a previous caller's issue to make it relevant to that show, and after making a comment about the stated issue, add "And, oh, by the way, that guy/gal that called in about Truth Attack dot org was right, and you should check it out."

YOU can be a CAUSE by placing a simple phone call. When thousands hear the truth the EFFECT of that will never go away, because once the Truth is out the IRS's myths and lies evaporate like fog under a hot sun. Stop living in the fog-rise above it and BE the SUNBEAM that melts it away!


This material is not intended to be considered as legal advice, which can only be rendered with a complete knowledge of the facts of each unique case, nor is it intended to advise, recommend or encourage anyone to fail or refuse to file income tax returns or pay income taxes claimed by the Internal Revenue Service.