Download the Truth About the IRS's "Truth" About "Frivolous" Arguments-It's POWERFUL, it's IRREFUTABLE and it's FREE

If you've been sent or referred to the IRS's "Truth About" publication or had your questions called "frivolous", you have to include this comprehensive rebuttal and expose' in your correspondence chain with the IRS - it could make the difference on whether you are singled out for prosecution and it could even wake up an IRS agent or two.

Those who have written the Commissioner or anyone else in the Treasury Department about our issues have probably received a copy of the IRS's propaganda piece, "The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments". Well, the fact is that the IRS's arguments in that document are riddled with mis-cited and mis-quoted cases and even outright lies about the wording of statutes, Supreme Court holdings and the import of regulations.

Until now, those lies and misrepresentations of law have gone unanswered, but those days are over!

In order to expose the IRS's lies and baseless arguments Truth Attack has assembled a powerful brain trust consisting of some of the best minds in the field who have examined those arguments and provided a comprehensive, authoritative rebuttal. The REAL Truth About The IRS's "Truth" About Frivolous Tax Arguments tracks each IRS claim to have refuted "frivolous" arguments and lays bare the IRS's lies, assumptions, half-truths and wordplay. Genuine issues the IRS calls "frivolous" are rescued, while the IRS's defective rationales and claims are exposed as being themselves truly frivolous and soundly rebutted.

If you have received one of the IRS's "Truth About" yellow journalism or if you have had anyone in the Treasury Department refer to your position as "frivolous", then the IRS has given you a gift. It has given YOU and OPPORTUNITY to CAUSE a major EFFECT on the IRS's thought and action.

The IRS relies heavily on its "Truth About" document, claiming that once it has sent it to someone there is no longer any reason for the recipient to continue to believe the law as it is written and as it is applied and interpreted by the Supreme Court. Yes, that is arrogant, and, yes, that is superficial and patently wrong, but it has also served them very well:

  • The IRS regularly disregards requests for Collection Due Process Hearings as being based upon "frivolous" arguments. The listing in the IRS's "Truth About" rag is the IRS's official "Get Out of CDPH's" card.
  • Returns and CDPH requests taking fully supportable and genuine issue with the IRS are, on the basis of the IRS's "Truth About", declared "frivolous" and $5,000 "frivolous" penalties are assessed.
  • Newly enlightened, but still unhardened, initiates to the movement who send the IRS letters challenging them with their new discoveries are often discouraged and intimidated by the "Truth About" document's listing their newfound information to be "frivolous" and "rejected by courts", causing them to abandon the fight.
  • Although tax crime defendants are not permitted to introduce law, case holdings or even damaging admissions in IRS publications to corroborate their account of their studies and conclusions, when any of those defendants has been sent an IRS "Truth About" DOJ prosecutors are permitted to confront them with it and even permitted to introduce it into evidence. That document goes to the jury room with the jury, unanswered and unchallenged. This bogus document is sending innocent people-your compatriots-to prison!!

YOU, can CHANGE all of that. Download The REAL Truth About The IRS's "Truth" About Frivolous Arguments, print it and send it to anyone who calls your positions "frivolous" and anyone who has sent you a copy of the IRS's Truth About document.

In prosecutions the IRS and DOJ have used the fact that their Truth About document had been sent to the defendant, "showing him the law", as proof that he does not believe what he claims and that he is being "willfully blind" to the law because they showed him his position is "frivolous". The entire propaganda piece is not only raised, it is introduced into evidence and goes to the jury room with the jury.

Any attempt to use their document against you could then be immediately countered by offering up your response to their document, catching them in lie after lie, misrepresentations and word games. As a result, they will never use their version of the "truth" against you, knowing that you would then be entitled to introduce The REAL Truth. If you end up being prosecuted the last thing the government could stand would be for the jury to take The REAL Truth into the jury room with them.

In fact, if you are even being considered as a candidate for prosecution, having The REAL Truth in your chain of correspondence may serve as a deterrent. You may be able to introduce The REAL Truth into evidence as part of your correspondence chain with the IRS even if the DOJ does not use its propaganda. So, sending the IRS The REAL Truth could discourage the IRS's singling you out for criminal prosecution.

In any event, though, YOU will be the CAUSE of a positive EFFECT! Every agent who would refer to your positions as "frivolous" or who would send you the IRS's Truth About document does so because he has been indoctrinated to believe the propaganda. And why shouldn't he? No one has ever shown him where the IRS has lied to him. The REAL Truth, however, points out lie after lie, and proves it, and points out misrepresentations of Supreme Court cases, another form of lying. Whoever you send it to will have his assumption that "official" means "true" challenged for once. YOU could CAUSE an agent to begin to question whether he is supporting the law or violating your rights.


This material is not intended to be considered as legal advice, which can only be rendered with a complete knowledge of the facts of each unique case, nor is it intended to advise, recommend or encourage anyone to fail or refuse to file income tax returns or pay income taxes claimed by the Internal Revenue Service.