What is Operation Trojan Horse?

Joe Banister, the former IRS C.I.D. Special Agent who learned the truth about the income tax fraud and resigned rather than violate his oath to support and defend the law, has done a DVD appealing to his former colleagues to make their own investigation of the claims of the Tax Honesty Movement. Joe reminds them of the oath they have taken and suggests that such an obligation is too important to accept the word of another, whether the Tax Honesty Movement or the IRS, so they must, instead, look to the law itself if they are to know that they are, indeed, doing their duty.

The DVD is accompanied by a companion CD called Innocence Revealed that explains in great detail and in a simple, step-by-step progression:

  • What the law actually says about who is liable for payment of the income tax;
  • What, exactly, is and is not "income" within the meaning of the Constitution and the Sixteenth Amendment and whether any profit ("income") can be derived from personally earned wages and salaries;
  • What and How Congress is entitled to tax and Why that taxing power does not extend to our working for a living; and
  • Why our working for a living is the exercise of a tax-exempt right, not a taxable privilege.

This extensive work, authored by the top legal authorities in the country, contains over 100 links to more than 70 fileson the CD that contain cases and statutes cited. When a statute or court case is cited in the text the reader will be able to click on the citation and see the full text of Supreme Court cases, statutes and other authorities so that he can verify every authority cited. There has never before been such a comprehensive, thorough and compelling presentation of our issues.

What effect will this project have?

Based on his experience working for the IRS, Joe believes that the vast majority of IRS agents and officers are doing what they do because they believe they are enforcing the law and that they believe that because they have simply accepted the IRS's training and instruction. He believes that one in ten agents receiving the DVD and its companion CD, Innocence Revealed, will watch his DVD and read Innocence Revealed and its supporting files on the CD. Once they learn the truth their zeal and eagerness to attack "tax protesters" will be dulled.

Joe also estimates that of those who watch and read the DVD and CD one in ten will do the same as he did and confront their supervisors with their discovery. When they get the same result he did, "continue to follow orders or resign", they will again do what he did, resign from the IRS rather than continue to violate their sacred oath.

Thus for every 100 agents and officers we can deliver the DVD and CD to, TEN agents will start "pulling punches", their awareness of the truth dulling their enthusiasm and motivation to mindlessly follow IRS policy to abuse and deprive citizens for a tax that has no application to them. Even more importantly, for every 100 agents and officers we can deliver the DVD and CD to:


We all remember what a splash Joe's resignation caused, so just imagine what a tsunami it would cause for the IRS to have hundreds of agents doing the same.

What can you do to help?

Order the Trojan Horse video here.


This material is not intended to be considered as legal advice, which can only be rendered with a complete knowledge of the facts of each unique case, nor is it intended to advise, recommend or encourage anyone to fail or refuse to file income tax returns or pay income taxes claimed by the Internal Revenue Service.