What is Operation Stop Thief?

Welcome to Truth Attack's Operation Stop Thief project.  For the last two years on April 15, Truth Troopers, joined by patriots from every corner of the Freedom Movement, gathered at post offices across the country.  They held up signs saying "What Income Tax?" and handed out flyers letting the last minute (paying) tax return filers know that there is a genuine issue over whether the IRS is telling America the truth about what the Internal Revenue Code requires of them.

Although we all have our favorite issue, and every one is as important as any other, Truth Attack's strategy is to approach the problem one issue at a time, beginning with the IRS's fraudulent application of the income tax to working Americans and their families.  We are all serving the Constitution by thrashing and flailing at the limbs of the tree of tyranny.  But every issue is advanced by also chopping at the roots.  OST does just that.  All patriots, no matter what their particular issues, are needed in this once-a-year opportunity to awaken Americans to the IRS's illicit theft of American labor.

How can you join in the fun?
If you are a member of a local group of patriots, register your group below.  If not, then form a group.  A "group" does not have to be a formal organization.  Two people can easily carry out an OST event, although the more people involved the more effective (and more fun) the event will be.  A single family can be a group, and what better way to teach your children how Americans react to the loss of their freedom?

When you register TA will email you a free materials packet consisting of your OST Checklist of preparations; Tips and detailed instructions for making your OST fun and effective (including how to deal with postal employees, police, the press and the public); Do's and Don'ts; a sample press release (and instructions on how to distribute it to your local media through the TA web site); and a flyer you can copy and distribute.

Free "Mat-packs" will be emailed out prior to April 15, giving you ample time to prepare for your OST.   This is why we need both your email and your snail mail addresses.

We only get this opportunity once a year.  Please join in the fun and do something that will make a difference in saving our country from our government and our government from itself.

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