• FACT #1: There is no law making working Americans liable for the income tax (MORE)

  • FACT #3: Your right to earn a living is as exempt from taxation as freedom of speech (MORE)

  • FACT #2: There is no lawful basis for treating personal earnings as 100% profit (MORE)

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Tom Cryer: Restoring Economic Rights

Tom Cryer on the Income Tax - Part 1

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Rediscover your constitutional rights

Dare to look behind the Wizard's curtain and you'll discover the "Great and Powerful Income Tax" is a monumental fraud. Cleverly built over decades amid the swamp of a single misunderstood word ("income") not to mention boxcars of false data heaped on school children, what your "income" actually IS -- as guaranteed by the US Constitution -- and what you think it is, are two separate things. Read on as Attorney Tom Cryer delivers you out of the IRS catecombs, toward a deeper appreciation of your own cherished freedoms and economic rights.

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June, 2010

Tom Cryer, CC&BW Pastor Joe Larson, Chaplain Anne Nonamus, NFTF Editor

"It is a republic, Madam . . . if you can keep it." B. Franklin



Truth Attack will be presenting its plan for restoring our Constitutionally guaranteed republic, one tentacle at a time, at a one-day "mini-sem" hosted by TA coalition member group Free Enterprise Society in Austin, Texas, on July 10, 2010. This will be the second presentation of the "mini-sem" in Austin, where those attending and those hearing about the first have repeatedly called for a "command performance". These mini-sems have been receiving rave reviews at cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, Jan Jose, Fremont, Cleveland, Austin, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Memphis and others.

Tom Cryer will be making TA's portion of the presentation, supported by multi-media visuals, and the subjects include:

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, an account of Tom's victorious but costly battle with the beast that demonstrates the depth of corruption in our government;

  • What We Have Lost and Why We Are Failing, a brief historical account of the nation's drift away from our founding principles and an explanation of why our efforts have failed to stem the continued growth of government at the expense of Liberty;

  • Why We Can Win UNITED and Why The Income Tax Issue First-the general strategy behind Truth Attack's comprehensive plan to reverse the trend and take our country back, beginning with a major blow to the roots of the tree of tyranny;

  • So, What's The Plan?-a detailed account of how the TA coalition of the Freedom Movement can attack and win on the social, political and legal fronts;

  • Q & A-an informal chat with Tom for questions and comments covering the presentations made (this is Tom's favorite part of the Mini-Sem).

The famed Steve Hempfling, Co-Founder and Director of Free Enterprise Society will also be making a very humorous but also very enlightening presentation on "Is There a Law?" His account of his trip to the IRS offices and visit with perplexed and dumbfounded agents will have you in tears-from laughter. He will also cover Free Enterprise Society's activities and services and support it provides for patriots.

CLICK HERE for details on location, times and registration options. This is an excellent opportunity to awaken a neighbor or a friend who just "doesn't seem to get it" when you've tried to explain the dire jeopardy the future of this country is in. Bring him to this seminar and he will be wide awake and aware by the time it is over.

Other TA Mini-Sems in the planning stages: Tampa, Florida, hosted by Bob Hurt's Lawster's group, on July 17, 2010, and Greenville, South Carolina, hosted by the late Dr. Robert Clarkson's Patriot Network group on July 23. Details will be distributed by a NFTF Bulletin later this month.

NOTE: TA conducts these seminars at no charge for any freedom oriented group. If you have a group that could stand to raise some funds and expand its membership, find out how you can host a TA Mini-Sem. Truth Attack local groups, Tea Party groups, Campaign for Liberty, Republican Liberty Caucus, Constitution or Libertarian Party groups and 9-12 groups are all encouraged to take advantage of this free TA service. CLICK HERE to learn more about how your group can benefit by being a TA Mini-Sem Host.

Is It About Money?

Think again. This is about your freedom and your right to govern your own life, community and state; but most of all this is about your sole ownership of your labor and the fruits of that labor. You are not a slave, not in whole, not in part, not in any way.

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Is It About Freedom?

  • The US Constitution prohibits any direct tax upon your labor or property. When federal agencies are allowed to operate above the law only then can you be ruled by fear, intimidation and force.  YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • The Fed uses money stolen through income tax to buy legislators and bring states in line. Thus the Fed, not you nor your state representatives, rules. Your state has  been reduced, once again, to a colony of a distant and indifferent  government, and YOU ARE NOT FREE!
  • Finally, third, and perhaps even more importantly, the power to tax  is the power to destroy. If the federal government can tax one freedom, it can tax all of our freedoms. If we permit them to tax our most precious and  fragile assets, if all we have is kept only by the consent of the  government—then we are at its mercy and YOU ARE NOT FREE!

Our Mission: Evolution, Not Revolution

A wall stands between you and economic freedom. That wall went up one brick at a time but can be taken down in the same way. Help us get Americans and even the IRS to better understand our Constitutional freedoms. And engage with the IRS safely through risk-free activities.

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Welcome to Truth Attack, a coalition of like-minded citizens and groups working to restore the limited and distant federal republic guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Memorandum

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus. Tom Cryer wrote The Memorandum. A must-read for every American. Welcome to the fight for YOUR economic rights.

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